Instagram – A New Era

The Age of Instagram

As our cell phones evolved through the early ’00s, so too has the way we record our treasured and personal moments. Gone are the days of developing film from disposable cameras, or shaking Polaroids in an effort to hasten the development process (which, by the way, was not recommended).


Here, in the age of touch screens and smartphones and wireless and tablets, our way of making memories has also been digitized. Welcome to the age of Instagram. The appeal of the single purpose app can be boiled down to a few points.


Used to be, in order to snap pictures and take videos you would need separate devices, each one just as expensive as the next. Once the advent of smartphones came along, you just needed to point and snap a picture – but you would still have to upload the pictures to another platform in order to share you memories.

Since Instagram, however, the process has become even more simplified. Aim, snap, and share all within the same app. Instagram has become the single most popular app for sharing pictures – something that Facebook has not accomplished. With a single focus, Instagram is able to advertise itself as the single best platform for instant photo and video sharing, having fine tuned the picture editing and upload process.

With a variety of filters to choose from, even the most inexperienced paparazzo can feel like a professional. Of course, the only downside to this is that the younger generations will be called on more and more often to help their elder relatives install and use the app.

Social Networking and Marketing

Even though Instagram does not offer an all encompassing social networking experience like Facebook, it does offer a new and unique way to connect with people and businesses. Many business owners get followers on Instagram, likes and comments to give their accounts a little kickstart. How to get Instagram followers?

Many small local businesses have taken to this platform to connect with the tech generation, offering discounts for sharing photos at their establishments and tagging friends. Self employed crafters share pictures of their handmade goods to entice new buyers.

Fitness and health nuts can also find each other and show off pics of their nutritious meals and well sculpted bodies. Instagram even has a ‘Direct’ feature, which allows you to send a picture directly to another user, without publishing the photo publicly.

Instagram Privacy

Though most feedback on your photos may be positive, there is always the danger of unwanted and unsolicited spam or harassment. Luckily, if you find someone else on the app is not worth your time you can block them. Instagram has a strict policy which does not allow nudity and also provides a report feature for users to flag inappropriate content.

Users also have the option of safeguarding their accounts and listing their profiles as private. This allows for the user to be selective when approving new followers. In this way, parents can keep their children safe and only approve those who they know offline.

In the age of instant gratification and overshares, Instagram is a great choice for those who are interested in documenting their vacations, careers, or lives without having to worry about privacy. The easy to use interface makes it a great choice for people from any generation or walk of life.

Vine – Six Second Stories

Six Second Vine Stories; Everyone’s a Videographer

With the advent of smartphones and other wireless devices making sharing incredibly easy, various platforms have sprung up around the net that offer a way to share your custom created media with your friends.


Started in 2012, Vine is an app used by Twitter to share videos on the micro-blogging website. Vine offers a variety of advantages over Facebook and Instagram, hence it’s rapid growth and popularity with the younger, tech savvy generations. When you use Vine, you also need to utilize the services from Twisted-Vine or YouTube, you canĀ buy Vine followers cheap from them! How to get more followers on Vine?

Vine Networking

It would seem that Vine’s top competitors would be Facebook and Instagram, yet recently it has proved that it has an advantage over these other two platforms.

Vine allows users to create six second clips to share, and more and more famous personalities have taken to this app to communicate with their fans. Whether it’s a peek behind the scenes or a candid moment caught with friends, actors and other celebrities can rack up the followers and fans can get a glimpse into the lives of these idols out of makeup or at home.

Up and coming artists can also use the app to promote upcoming events, shows, or projects. Sending small glimpses out at a time is an advertising tactic used by known and unknown talents alike. Something new and exciting is sure to garner revines.


Through clicking a share button, get followers Vine can instantly revine a video to their own page where their followers can view and share as well. This simple process of sharing is incredibly similar to Twitter’s retweet option.

It makes sharing a common interest or entertaining video incredibly simple and lends a helping hand in making a video go viral. This process is less confusing than Facebook and trumps the simply nonexistent option of Instagram.


Though the length of any given video is only six seconds long, users can provide a lot of content. In fact, the time limit has inspired many users to produce incredible stories with simple but effective and entertaining plots.

Though it may be seen as a constraint, it can actually help performers cut down on unnecessary dialogue or action. Though it was created as a way to share information quickly, thousands of performers have taken to using this platform as a way to express their creativity or love for their art.

Vine is a handy app to have if you’re interested in creating short films with just your smartphone or tablet, or sending quick video messages to friends and family.

The user interface has a very easy learning curve and practically anyone can learn to use it and be a pro in less than an hour.